I have made this page to answer some questions for my fans and viewers. Usually I don’t do t his put I wanted to make sure everything is covered.

A) ================================

Q. Why don’t you ever answer my private messages on Facebook, Twitters, or other social media? You need to interact with your fans!

A. I used to answer questions and messages on social media to give support to my fans and viewers but unfortunately parents do not think this is a good idea. That’s why I no longer answer any of them because it might cause problems. If you have messaged me, you might find the answer in some of the videos where I will probably go over it briefly.

Please see below for why I don’t reply messages anymore.



B) ================================

Q. Why don’t you do videos I want? or reply my comments?

A. Often, comments are not 100% seen by myself and will be pushed further down by new comments. Because of this, I will rarely see your comments. You may submit your Feedback to news (at) wbangca (dot) com

C) ================================

Q. Why don’t you show your face in your videos?

A. I will need more equipment to do that.

D) ================================

Q. Can you send me hack to (enter game name)

A. No, I don’t know how to hack.

E) =================================

Q. I need help (Enter game name)

A. If I’ve missed something that is suppose to be in the video or related to the video please send an email to news (at) wbangca (dot) com.

  • Shahid

    i was just wondering if you could do more videos for destiny the game like hidden bosses, crucible matches and some leveling up.

  • /|/|ichael

    Is wbangcaHD another one of your channels? What do you have so many channels for?


      They are based on content bro. Some of them are more mature, some of them are more childish, etc…..we try to keep the content consistent based on categories so that parents won’t come complaining. For example, 17+ games will never appear on certain channels while we have a channel specifically for 17+ gamers.

      • /|/|ichael

        Ah, that makes sense. Parents complaining seems ridiculous though. Either they’re just trolling you, or they actually are that paranoid but lack the sensibility to monitor their kid’s activity (especially on social media sites, like Facebook).

  • Anthony Lopez

    I’m trying to complete ROL. I’m stuck on Wolverine and I need to finish Rol before the 26th of July2016. I have spent over $100 in units in order to purchase revives, but I can’t afford to spend anymore. I’m asking that anyone help me out with revives in MCOC. PLEASE, my in-game name is Son Son. I can send you a screenshot to prove that I’m facing Wolverine in ROL. Hook a brother up please.

    Anthony Lopez
    [email protected]