Why Hotmail/Microsoft Sucks! Locked Out Security Code


I don’t write much but when I do, it must be something bad. Microsoft has grown to be one of the dumbest and most insecure company in term of services.


They are locking out HOTMAIL costumers with a message that says “Call us overprotective, but we want to make sure you can receive a security code blah blah blah” then they LOCK you completely out of your account and that includes SKYPE. Yes, they lock you out of your account, and the only way you can get back in is if you have another email address where you can get your security code.

Sounds good right? Not so much when your damn password/login is correct. I have had my account for over 10 years and they locked me out of my account for no reason. The only reason is that they want to give you a hard time. And how long will it take for you to change your email to one you can retrieve your security code? 30 days!

Are they completely NUTS? I think so.


Do NOT trust Microsoft with anything. Your mail, your phone, your system (and we all know the problems with xbox one).  I am not the only one that has gotten locked out, check out the forums. So many people have gotten locked out for NO REASON.

How can you be locked out of your email if you use it everyday? And we’re not talking about for 1 day but 30 days.

  • If you are going to use live/Microsoft for anything like the xbox use another service provider
  • If you are going to buy a Windows Phone, DUMP Outlook or any Microsoft based service (do you really want to be locked out?)

The main thing is, do you really want to be locked out by Microsoft for no reason because “They want you to be safe?” Really? No. Some of us have had this account for over 10 years, great password, great protection. Somehow you can’t protect it from Microsoft.


We don’t need your help locking us out from our accounts. Just leave us alone!

  • Booker

    Yup, this is my alt account for receiving Microsoft’s over protective crap….

    I have had accounts at Hotmail, when it was “Hotmail” long before MS bought it. The only security issues I have ever had was from MS themselves. I lost a 17 year old account to their bullshit. The only hacking – lock out, unable to access has ONLY been from Microsoft themselves.

    Now here we go again… they are starting this crap with wanting your phone number or an alt e-mail in order to access my accounts again. If they’d stay out of my accounts and stopped their so called security crap, I’d never have a problem.

    • LJ

      I think i may have stumbled onto a way around this… it works for me anyway… first go to ‘www.hotmail.com’ and put in your user name and password… it should take you to the ‘call us overprotective’ page… then go ‘i cant verify my account’.. click next… on the next page click the grey cancel button…. it should take you to the account settings page… while your on this page type in ‘www.hotmail.com’ again and hit enter… when i do this i get into my email account without all the other crap… let me know if this works for you too… peace!

      • LJ


      • asasdasd

        thanks, I know ive skipped it before but didnt know what page i needed to be to reproduce it. it’s fuckin annoying to forget a pw on some site, enter the forgot your password shit on it, then they send your reset pw to the locked out hotmail one. are we supposed to wait 30 days to not only access hotmail but the other site as well? fucking microsoft

  • Annie

    My husband’s going demented over this. The code has been sent ??? times to my email -and the bloody thing’s always ONE DIGIT SHORT. What the hell are they playing at ???

    They’re coming to take me away haha…

    Advice wanted-please !!!!!!!!!

  • who cares if your email will not be published, i’m going to open a Gmail acct. Damn, though, when you lose all your contacts, etc, i had them send to a work only acct, but the [email protected]#$#%! code didn’t work,

    i”m totally frustrated,

    and you can’t contact them by phone, i don’t even have a F***ing Cell

  • The Fool

    Write to your local politician and let them what is going on. this is seriously problem to lock up a perfectly safe account that has not had a problem. DO IT IN MASS. the BBB ain’t going to do shit!

    step 1: contact your local politician(s) first. i.e. senators, congressman, representatives.

    step 2: contact the same politicians where microsoft is based at.

    and be sure to tell your local politician to contact the politicians at redmond washington.


    REP. Suzan DelBene (CONGRESSMAN)

  • The Fool

    by the way… don’t go switching to gmail thinking that it is safer. they are a spy operation and they will scan all your emails automatically for relevant information. and gmail is capable of pulling the same crap. they will ask for emails and phone numbers too. AND NO IT’S NOT TO SEND YOU ADS NEITHER!

    i smell a 7 in all this.

  • Annie

    Do they ever let the victims of the lockout back in, so that they can secure their contacts and go somewhere else ?

    Don’t bother with the codes-always wrong-texts-never sent-advice-they send you round in circles.

  • The Fool

    this is a cyber crime!

    in addition to contacting the above politicians. also contact the US Dept. of Justice. and the U.S. attorney for the state. also contact your own states US attorney, as well as your senators and congressmen. and tell them to contact the states reps. on this matter.

    This is a corporation doing this. they should not be asking for information unless the account is in actual peril. microsoft owns skype too. they are doing to skype users.

    screen capture examples. let them know that the code does not work. but also them know that they (microsoft) should not be doing this.

    and just to let you all know, gmail is not far behind in this sort of thing also.

  • The Fool

    5/15/2014 @ 20:08 EST

    gmail started to do to the same thing!

    this is a data-mining operation. contact your politicians, the states politicians where these corporations operate in and demand a stop to it. don’t give information when you never had to. they should only ask for it when you account is actually in peril. follow my same instructions above and put the word out.

    remember google owns youtube. but there are other video sharing sites.

    don’t sit on this, don’t cave in. JUST DO IT… NOW!!

  • The Fool


    another thing… use screen capture software or print screen to capture the progress steps. record them. save the data.

    “a password link can only be sent if i have not signed in for 4 days”??

    now i get it microsoft 7 days, google 4 days. that is the number 11.

    it’s worse than a scenario 7… it’s that saturn gang casting spells.

    if it’s not 7, then it’s 11. if it’s not 11, then it’s 33. oh… the occult elite at it again. but i got one eye open on you guys like CBS. and yes… it’s my left eye too 😉

  • Annoyed

    I’m having the same problem. I’m locked out of my account for over 30 days. I’ve tried to get in. The phone number on the account is not mine. I’ve gone through gotten my email verified, gotten the code, entered it and can’t get anywhere because the number isn’t my number and has never been. I even have my actual number on the account when I get to a certain screen, get the code, enter it and back to the beginning, they want the code from the number that is not mine. I’ve contacted them for help. They sent me a response with nothing there. I’m so glad this isn’t my main account. I’ve had my account for over 14 years and have never had this problem. I’m so sick of it.

  • jon

    I’ve also been locked out of my hotmail account. I refuse to give microsoft any alternate email address or phone number. As if microsoft had a clue about security. Not! So I will just use a different email account. Good riddance!

    • Sukansin

      Just open a throwaway email acct with someone like mail.com so you can get back into your whoremail.com inbox and forward anything you want to a new email account somewhere else. Then delete the throwaway account. Simples.

      • Dreamlo

        thats what i did. just get in to your account for temp and foward and copy everything

      • Diana McClintic

        how can you forward what you cant get into.

  • Bob

    1) Locked out of account
    2) They send code to alternative email to unlock account
    3) Go to alternative email to get code – locked out
    4) Why do they do this? Because they will continue to rape you until they have got every phone number and personal detail they can out of you so that they can rape you again.

  • Joe

    So I’m guessing there’s no alternate way back in? I also got locked out but I can’t even get the code because I’m in a different country. Yep that pisses me off. Damn it guys.

    • Dreamlo

      if you have your account linked to your phone you can temporary get into your account by using the information that is on your phone. like last subject and emails address you sent too. pass on the message please.

  • jason

    Wtf? Been using hotmail over 10 years. I tried registered yahoo account but zero reply from yahoo that received any mail from hotmail. For verification. Then I tried registered gmail new account. I got the mail but wtf it listed not valid???? Now I even gave my.phone and everthing still couldnt log in. I need my account urgently! You sucks!!!!

  • ross clarke

    why dont you dickheads leave my bloody account alone ive been signing into my micro soft account for 2yrs no promblem all of a sudden call me overprotective wont let me into my account wtfs the matter you dick heads idont want your bloody proection thanks so give back my f–kin account back plkease

  • Magnus Sjöö

    I have received a question there they are asking for security code . I have another phone no in the past
    I have change phone no and I did not know to get support to change my phone no in the settings to the new one the other is default and I try to ask theme to send the code to my new created gmai account
    What to do ??

  • Magnus Sjöö

    Mine is now working

  • Nannybus

    Being over three score and ten and approaching senility, this Hotmail Code thingy is driving me mad.

    Thought I had got it all sussed and received my Code via a recently set up alternative e-mail, but surely it should not ask for a new code everytime I try to access my Hotmail e-mail. Yesterday’s Code just will not do.

    I have ticked the boxes to ‘remember my log in’ and ‘I already have a code’, but it still demands a new Code every time.

    My new alternative e-mail address works extremely well, although obviously not so buttoned down with security, but hey it works for me, so I may as well transfer out of Hotmail. I’m sure that nobody would be interested in any of my e-mails, although sometimes I use salty language.

  • p

    Well, had that hotmail acc for 18 years. It took this lockout to finally make me fuck it off. Have setup my Gmail acc. So long, Hotmail. Good luck with that bullshit.

  • Jordan

    I have that same problem the first time last year and it took nearly 2 months to for “Overprotective” crap to cease and I signed in again, no problems after until just about a few months ago it happened again and it really pisses me the hell right off! To hell with security codes and our personal addresses and phone numbers. Well they sure as hell won’t get it from me.

    Hey Microsoft! You fricking SUCK!!! And if you don’t cease and desist this “Overprotective” crap and go back to signing in our e-mails, you gonna face a BIG lawsuit on your hands! Give back our e-mails or they’ll be hell to pay. And that’s my major WARNING!!!

  • microsoft sucks


    Before you can access sensitive info, you need to verify your account with a security code. How would you like to receive your code?




  • Toshi

    Yeah, time to delete everything before you cannot access it anymore for those who still can get back in. You know TF man.

  • peter gunn

    microsoft arbitrarily blocked access to my outlook email account-no reason why except that someone else was trying to use it–who cares-microsoft is the least customer friendly or caring company I have ever dealt with-I can not believe that microsoft pretends to be concerned about customer service!

  • Raphael

    This is ridiculous…
    I traveled to another country on vacation. I access my hotmail account from there. Microsoft thinks this was “invulgar activity” and ask me to fill the correct alternative email so they can send me a code. I do it all right but the code never arrives. They are just no sending me the code. So what am I supposed to do? Oh, right, there is a link “I don’t have a code”. I click on it. I sends me back to the previous screen where they ask my alt email so they can [not] send me a code…

  • The mecanic

    Its realy treu im triyng to log in a while but it wont work i tryed to make a new acount but i didnt get the mail fuck outlook realy i fucking hate it !!!!!!

  • Bob

    I have switch to gmail for a long time ago, but i have to access my hotmail since I have to retrieve an old mail. Got this message. Microsoft can go die in hell

  • chrissie

    I only agree…………… I am on the verge of a nervous breakdown here. I live in Switzerland and tried to call someone direct at Microsoft’s HQ in Wallisellen. The result? They again connected me to their absolutely hopeless call center in Germany. There, I was passed from pillar to post until I gave up after half an hour. I even tried writing to the Microsoft CEO in the U.S. and what did this overpaid waste of space do? He passed my email on to yet another call center without even responding……….. Microsoft is a load of rubbish

    • Shadow Light

      Man…. that is truly hopeless. What a shocking display of useless customer service.

  • Olddan

    Well, at least I’m not the only one being driven to the point of madness by this B.S. Mine is on a Windows phone, and I have been around the pointless support circle till I’m freakin dizzy. Apparently there just is no solution to this. I have tried them all, oh and the 30 day waiting period? Do not get your hopes up. It’s been 35 days for me. I even received a nice email telling me the 30 days had passed, and from now on it’s nothing but sunshine and rainbows. Guess what. Nothing has changed. Still getting blocked by that infuriating message. If anyone comes up with something that works, I would love to hear about it. Basically my 600.00 Windows phone is now useless as far as apps go. Never again. I’m going IPhone next time.

  • HA. HA.

    You wanna know a funny thing? I had three accounts at hotmail (for three different uses, of course – work, personal, spam or something like that) and now I can’t enter ANY of them, since all of them wants a code… which I can’t send to an alternative account since ALL OF THEM ARE LOCKED.
    I also have a Gmail account, so naturally I’ve tried that.. the thing is, it wont send a message there! I’ve tried god know how many times to send that code, and of course I’ve not recieved a single, goddamn message… That’s my first ever email account going into the grave there. I don’t even know how much security codes and old payment confirmation emails there are in there…
    At least they’re safe for now. Heh.

  • Yup, same here.

    I have been locked out of my Hotmail account as well. Never put much thought into the terrible thing due to only needing it for a game and not really wanting to use its terrible service. So when I made it I didn’t put anything in that was real information cause that’s the last thing I want Microsoft to have. Tried to log in too many times with Iran incorrect password and now I’m locked out, and have no ability to recover it. I have been in a battle with the awful tech support for a couple days now. I eventually just gave up, and let them have the thing. I already beat the game, just was hoping to play it on a new computer….. Thanks Microsoft! You rule.

  • MAX



  • Darryl

    This security crap just pisses me off ive been dealing with them for 6 [email protected]#$%^& months and so they locked me out of my main xbox account as well as my moms Hotmail account so tired of this crap

  • Rod

    Try opening your email on your android or iphone. it opens there for me without the messages and then do what you need top do to change whatever. I have a microsoft acquaintance and have asked him what to do about it so hoping for an unbiased opinion

  • fuckoffidontgivemynameanymore

    Just log-in, get bullshit outlook cancerous dickhead message, remove everything in front of https://account live com, enter, click a bookmark of your email, youre in.

    fuck outlook, fuck microsoft, fuck everyone who fucks up things for no reason.

    -someone who isnt a fucking cunt.

    • Fuckoffiwontgivemynameeither

      You’re fucking right. It fucking worked. I was able to access the security page for my fucking account. You’re fucking awesome! Thanks a fucking lot! 😉

  • nica

    i hate this shit! it really does just send you around in circles. I even tried making a new email address but then they say they sent the code in the new email address’ inbox, but the thing is i cant fucking get to my inbox because of the call us overprotective shit always pops up when i try to sign in!!!

  • theystealurmail

    I agree with all ya’ll! Had my account 10+ years , never had a problem. One reason why they “Overprotect” is to get more accounts to hack when you use another computer. Are they that stupid to believe we only log onto ONE computer? Seriously? They just want that computer’s address and access! Don’t believe their crap! the phone number on file was changed years ago yet they still have the old one listed and nowhere to change to new one until you go through 7 more steps/pages. Sent the new one again and never got a code! They are idiots! (Solution below) They cut it off for good because I accused them of fraud. They just want a new email and phone number because most people have smart phones so they can hack into them too. Whoever said “use a bogus” was right!! They want your IP address off all your computers, thus the reason they block by saying “overprotective… crap. Once you enter that code on another computer they got ya! They are probably too busy copying all your info. They want another email so they can hack those. Sounds like the government and HM/MS have a thing going. Where would they be if we all stopped email all together for a year!! Their STOCK would PLUMMETT!!! Better yet, they must be stupid, don’t they know it costs them more time and money to manage us making up 500 new emails so we can get into at least one of them? It must COST them alot of money to increase their space!!! LOL>>>> If I get blocked I will know this site either is in on it or they sold my info to hotmail/microsoft!! We’ll see!! Only terrorists would terrorize our personal emails!!
    Go Bob and Go Max!! You are sooooo right!!!

  • marc tyson

    It is strange that the verication information such as phone number, credit card, birthday and zip code is all marketable information. Microsoft is full of [email protected]^#*!!

  • E Snowdon

    It should read “Call us over protective, but the NSA asked us to try and get you to associate a phone number with your anonymised email address.”

    • Yeah that’s what I see it as. Government spying. Why would I trust Microsoft with my phone no? So when they get hacked the hackers can get my phone number also? F***et that!

    • Emma Bain

      Agreed! this is nothing but mazive attempts to harrass us for our numbers to tap us, i tried the chat to see what would happen on my accounts only over a week old… and they tried to even ask for Remote Access to my PC, all of it is illegal but the fact i don’t even live in the US but they feel they have jurisdiction over someone living in the UK shows what a danger the cooperate companies are becoming to us.

  • Jeff

    I had two hotmail accounts; one to act as a backup for the other, in case of a forgotten password or other verification problem. Then they began their “call us overprotective” crap, and I was locked out of BOTH accounts. Even when I managed to get back in and pointed my account to an external to email service, hotmail refuses to use it and redirects the verification process to my other hotmail account (which I am locked out of).

    Sure seems monopolistic to me.

    Fed up, this morning I decided to close my hotmail account(s) once and for all. Not possible. I googled “how do I close my hotmail account” and came up with an official ms link which made it look easy. When I followed their link, it had none of the controls or options the link said it had. I opened another window, did the search over again, thinking I may have missed something. Nope! I was directed to a page which was of no help at all. I clicked on a link that I thought *may* have been some help, but ended up at the “call us over protective” page once again.

    I finally reached ms help chat, and of course, they were no help at all.

    If anyone wants to contact their state representatives, contact a Democrat one if possible. The Republicans believe in “free market economy” (and I’m not knocking it…much), and their stated position is simply that if you don’t like a product, don’t buy it again. The market will supposedly take care of itself. At least with a Democrat, there’s a chance of regulation to prevent people from being blind-sided by practices like this.

    In compliance with free-market principles…I WILL NOT ever purchase another MS product again.

    Ok…let the hate begin…

    • Diana McClintic

      and after you try everything to get your old accounts back they say the only other way is go to court and get a judge to order to them to hand over your account. I mean the passwords are correct but they use this call me an asshole but Im not letting you into your account crap.

  • J

    I am locked out too, and travelling. This is fucking bullshit. I have had the account for many years.

    • Diana McClintic

      they say my email does not exist now and its the email that blogger has sent a code number to so I can not get into blogger cause my email was deleted. and private information is opened that was in draft in the blogger so this is definitely some young dumb nasa spy messin with our accounts.

  • stephan

    It`s not a cyber crime. It is however Microsoft and their way of letting you and everyone else know that they take security very seriously indeed (sic).
    Apple, does anyone *ever* have issues like this? No, because they are totally reliant on customers using there Apple products on a regular basis to make money. Get an email address which you pay for and you can (collectively) call some of the shots.
    I’m totally finished with anything Microsoft, it’s far better to use Apple products anyway, because they actually work. Admittedly you willl struggle with an apple based email address but choose another one and use it wisely, argue the toss and tell them when you are not happy with the T&C`s on occasions. How many of you have done that in the past.
    Remember, Microsoft are not bigger than all it’s customers, they just think they are!

  • firex

    of course it’s about data and cyberspace associations overview

    pity their mother-fuckers were not overprotective..

  • Microsoft=dumbass

    Beyond pathetic. Never using a microsoft product/service again

  • Steve

    I’ve been fucking around with this for months now. My first hotmail account was opened in 1999 or so. I’ve moved to gmail [ hate them all]. and will move the rest of my contacts from other locked out hotmail accounts when I can. Then I will sign those old “hot” accounts up for every piece of shit spam, ads ,porn what ever I can find, and fill the tank. You would think they would value old ” clients” ?. stay well.

  • happybunnyNot

    People say that a problem shared is a problem halved. This is bullshit because I came to share a problem only to realise that thousand of people have issues with mother fucking ms and their fucking ridiculous security procedure. When will these stupid arrogant cunts listen to the fucking problems people have with their idiotic programming. These obtuse wankers, who if sent to buy a quart of milk would not even be able to find a grocer, are getting tens of thousands of dollars to be abject pricks. I wish I could have been more enlightenly technical with my problem, but those cunts have pushed me beyond reasoned debate.

  • happybunnyNot

    The problem here is, we have advanced technology in the hands of arse scratching, nose picking dolts like MS. You will never stand a chance when morons create powerful companies. A world of time-wasting, blind stupidity, greedy corporate parasites. Well done MS

  • F Bill Gates

    I played their little game and provided an alternative email address for the privilege of having my emails dug through by the NSA and my personal information sold to advertisers. Then 30 days later I get ANOTHER message saying they needed to update my security info AGAIN but that this time they required a phone number within 7 days if I wanted to continue to use their service. So…I was locked out of my 16 year old Hotmail account for refusing to provide my phone number so that Microsoft can enable the NSA to further spy on law abiding citizens.

    Im actually glad as I am done with shitty Microsoft and I will never buy or use a single Microsoft product for the rest of my life and nor will my family. Happily too as they make garbage products, garbage operating systems, garbage phones, garbage, garbage, garbage. Xbox 1 listens and spies on people in their homes. If people were smart they would smash those things and boycott Xbox. A fucking rotten stinking shit hole of a company. Forcing people to hand over personal information like phone numbers for security even though I have never had a breach in 16 years nor has anyone else I personally know. Look up some of the threads on Microsofts official forums about this. People openly complained about being locked out and Microsoft simply locked the threads shutting down any further discussion.

    They made so much money off of their garbage products that Mr Gates can’t give his billions away fast enough. FUCK YOU MICROSOFT!

    • Notta Liberal

      It is true, all the money Bill F’n Gates has in his pockets, WAS SUPPOSED TO BE SPENT ON SOFTWARE TESTING AND USABILITY TESTING.

  • Mr. Exploits

    Pro tip, when you are stuck in this page just open another tab and try go check your email, it works every time.

  • edward somervail

    outlook.com has great security owner 16 weeks lockout hell should be called lockout.com—opened outlook account for code now that block –their growth is people opening accounts to obtain original hotmail account IN CHINA THESE PEOPLE WOULD BE ORGAN DONORS

  • edward somervail


  • ed somervail

    the people at outlook should be nothing other than organ donors only providing security no EMAIL SERVICE

  • axxman

    These cocksmokers did a number on my account, after picking option can’t verify etc, eventually got in to my account, the assholes had deleted EVERYTHING!. Fuck you Microsoft, glad i download all your shit for free.

    • Diana McClintic

      I wish they would delete my blogger. somehow they opened all the drafts so private stuff I stored while writing a book is seen and that is not a good thing. who owns blogger, yahoo, flickr anyway?

      • Bill Zhang

        Google ownes blogger

  • M

    Have been on the phone with these jerks for over four hours telling me I need to reinstall windows when the same thing happened on my IPAD. Can’t access my laptop…thank god for IPAD…switching to Apple products.

    • Miz

      Linux is best of both worlds without the problems

  • M

    Oh! I have only gmail accounts

  • Andrea

    Where the fuck are my emails hotmail/microsoft??!’ve been locked out of my account now for months – can access my emails fine from my iphone but if I try and log in on desktop I keep getting this shitty screen which sends you round in circles.

    Today I actually managed to get past said screen…. only to get a ‘Welcome, Andrea, here’s where you manage your account’ screen, with no link to anything useful and no sign of any emails????!!

    WTF, how do I get to my emails???????!!!

    Please someone help me :(

  • Notta Liberal

    Software used to be all about engineering and high quality thresholds before being released. Now it’s some kind of popularity contest and money-first instead of quality-first. Pushing techology too fast is WRONG. Google has taken the LEAD in this sacrifice-quality fast-foward push whether you want it or not. It’s getting to a point that people are going to start taking a stand against change-for-no-reason and the release first fix maybe later mentality.

  • Rusty

    Hotmail is demanding I give up my phone number to gain access to my account. To this I say, Screw ‘Em…..there are other email providers out there that are not so invasive

  • Edge_Master

    Fuck Microsoft man… It’s not enough that I can log into my e-mail but some how that makes it more suspicious. I came here because I was wondering if I was the only one who had this problem, and see 60 other people did also… That e-mail was one I used for both school and paypal, and they refuse to send me a verification code now.

  • Zerotole

    This fucking code thing is about to make me snap!!! It doesnt fucking work and every fucking time i log in to my fucking VL center it asks for this code!!!! Yes i clear cache all the time its healthy!!! When i click remember just fucking save my Public IP. I log into this thing once a week sometimes more sometimes less. EVERYTIME IS A DAMN CODE. And the code doesnt even work half the time, takes forever to receive email. I just tried to do it to cell phone and because it was a profile update im locked out for 30days LOL THIS IS REDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Diana McClintic

    I am locked out also. Out of my blogger, my yahoo, and my flickr and I use the correct password. I do not have those old emails anymore so I can not get codes sent to them. what do you mean that you can get them through a new email in 30 days. I think the managers should walk on hot coals and be thrown into an ice pit for doing this to us.

  • Rickkins

    First of all, the rule of thumb absolutely has to be NEVER USE ANY MICROSOFT PRODUCT, other than the operating system itself. It’s not rocket science.

  • tiredofyourPAB

    HATE IT! HATE IT! Insecure is right! Microsoft is so damn controlling, I go to get a code using my yahoo account because I obviously CAN’T access my DAMN Outlook now and when I get the code and use it to change the password AGAIN, NOW my yahoo account password changed to the outlook one. I put in my phone number to get the code that way…HOW many fcking times do I need to change my number for you microa$$es to get it????? Don’t recognize the number again??? recognize my middle damn finger then.

  • Furious

    FURIOUS! This MS product manager is he dumb or MS is NOT giving free stuff now going to shutdown free email?! The first day when I can find other source of doing my spreadsheet and presentation, I’m going to even dump Windows! F**k MS!!

    • Miz

      Linux is good for most of everything MS is. No missing space on drives. Wine/play on linux for most of everything else.

  • Arya Kay


    These motherfuckers lock out EVERY SINGLE ACCOUNT that gets accessed from multiple computers and require this verification over and over and over. My password is impossible to guess – nobody who could hack my account would want to… they’d have better things to do.

    They lock me out of my account shortly after locking me out of my verification e-mail.

    When I want to recover my e-mail they want me to verify by including subjects of e-mails that I can’t see, contact information of contacts that I can’t access… What kind of degenerate inbred piece of shit is behind this garbage operation?

    Then I ask for support and OVER and OVER they ignore my question and give me generic copy & paste bullshit with broken English.

    Go fuck yourself MS Support. You pussy ass motherfuckers are failures. End of Disqussion.

    And fuck you too Disqus

    • Kissie

      serious bullshit

  • Elizabeth Regular

    I need a 7 numbers security code for my e-mail but I only got a 4 numbers

  • Elizabeth Regular

    I need a 7 numbers security code for my e-mail but I only got a 4 numbers???

  • Red Shirt Guy

    one year later and this is still going on… Seems like everything Microsoft does now is just plain terrible.
    If you don’t have a fun, you are fucked nice and dirty. If it weren’t for Gmail, we’d be screwed silly since everything demands an email now.

  • Bruce Crossan

    I waited 30 fucking days up have my email updated and then get an email today saying my info was good and can log in… guess what? I fucking get the same message about “It looks like someone else blah blah blah”… used my new email address to have a security code sent to change password and… same fucking bullshit.

  • Emma Bain

    Me too and i just created 2 accounts a little over a week ago, they are new, barely born yet, what they are doing is a illegal Phishing Scam in order to get us to give them our numbers so they can sell them and
    sellwhatever Personal Info they can get THIS IS ILLEGAL! not just Microsoft but Yahoo too and i’m waiting on Google doing it next, they are blackmailing us with all our online accounts including Skype by not
    giving us access forcing upon us the use of numbers, soon they get it, it will be sold off to god knows who. Mean while in April i already lost my mobile number from every mobile company including O2 i was with just
    snatching our mobile numbers and any money left on our phones to get at our money, all this is about is money, the big cooperate companies have gotten so greedy that they resport to blackmail.

    All my online accounts are registered to the two Microsoft/Outlook accounts and they
    know that without access i can’t change the email on all my online accounts. I’m obsolotely disgusted! fuming isn’t even the word… i had to move from Yahoo because they were tapping our emails but i’m afraid
    there isn’t any where to run, we need to do something! asap!, we need to create a giant uproar and make sure that whoever is responsible is brought to justice. This is like how some shops in the US or other
    countries or Blockbuster when it existed was asking for passports and drivers licences… THIS IS 100% illegal! someone take this to the press, anybody because all of us are being blackmailed and cut off from
    all the things we need in our daily lives, people need their emails for work and stuff. I’m jsut so done… next up… Google. I think i’m going to use a less popular provider.

    • Emma Bain

      Also i’m in the UK ,how are the US aloud such jurisdiction over someone who doesn’t live in the US, if they think us using their websites which is an American based company gives them any jurisdiction over us any where in the world then they got another thing coming, since i live in another part of the world they will also abide by OUR laws and regulations, i think it’s the EU that is giving them autorization to do these things… i don’t get involved in politics but i cannot wait until we finally leave, we are being pushed around too much and oppressed to the point of breaking…

  • badmotorfinger

    Microsoft can’t fathom the notion that people travel. For work, for business, for vacation, they just can’t seem to fathom that people need to travel beyond their borders to survive. It’s 2016, not the age of the Pilgrims and Conquistadors! But for fuck’s sake, interesting people friggin’ travelled back then even, and even in the times of the Romans!

    For years, email was the -one- type of communication that you could take with you across borders without any difficulty. Unlike mail or phone, you didn’t have to pay anything to use it overseas. I used to travel between the US and Europe and email was great. Now Microsoft expects you to waste money using your home country cell phone when you’re overseas to retrieve a password. I’m presently relocated to Africa in the context of government work. Their unwillingness to even allow me to -contact them-, shows me they clearly don’t want any interesting people using Microsoft. Microsoft is for yokels who never travel.

    My only consolation would be if Microsoft employees experience the same crap with -their- email when they travel, hawking their Microsoft garbage to non-traveling yokels around the world.

  • iguiste23

    Same issue the fucking dumb cunts!!!!!!!!

  • Much Complicate

    The Microsoft security is AWFUL! It is so f**king terrible! I am amazed there weren’t more heated articles about this. I guess no one even uses it because they already saw it coming. Microsoft just keeps shooting themselves in the foot.

  • Lauri Neva

    I have had numerous bouts with Outlook Mail; friends. They keep changing my log in code or password or whatever. I have tried numerous times to get a new email with them and it is always the same. They mix up your log in pass word so you cannot get to your mail. I wish I knew how to get even with them. They really do suck and their time has come to get out of the email business!

  • Dylan y

    Microsoft is filled with a bunch of cock-sucking pieces of shit that simply like to fuck with people . No other explanation for theor orrational bullshit.

  • Dylan y

    Fuck those shitbags at microsoft. Locked out of hotmail for no reason with no way to get back in. Assholes.

  • david

    fuck the pigs fuck disgust

  • William Bouchie

    Hate, hate, hate the security! Apparently, I’m a bot until I can prove that I’m quick and agile enough to beat the security at login! They send me, on another email site, a seven digit code to enter in te Outlook system. Trouble is this code is obscured for my security on the email. I have to sit there with a magnifying glass against it to find the hidden numbers, only to not be quick enough to enter them and have to repeat the whole process again. I think I will use Outlook as my new junk mail folder, for when websites demand I enter an email address as my password.

  • Emma Bain

    Coming back to this 2 step definitely sucks but you don’t have to fully set it up, just add a security email then you need to give a code to change your password, security email, aliases and bank details, same for gaming software like Steam and Origin, you still have to add your number but it’s not as tough they just send you an SMS and you enter it, for Origin that IS the 2 step but they don’t keep asking you for it on login because their system log what computers you log into it with, just the first time you login, Steam though doesn’t do that and just send the code to your number, just make sure you remove the number before changing numbers because it locks out of being able to change your number since it’s considered as a Security option, and same for Steam, Origin and any email you add your number to.

    I don’t care if they sell it because i’ve registeed my number with the TPS and it’s free so… that’s awesome :), we just don’t need it on every single Account nor do we need it on Facebook, just make a bookmark folder and save all the profiles in there of your friends so if something should happen you can just make a new one, but Google and everyone else need to lower the security a little to not being locked out at login but needing a code for Security and Personal Info :), even if someone hacks into your profiles they can’t do nout with it because they can’t change your password or number hehe. Most sites we don’t need it on ether only 1 or 2 things, the email you have set as your accounts email just use 2 step on the email or use aliases on Outlook and it makes it a tone harder to be found if you don’t add your full name or date of birth to a public username nor any abbiviations, can’t help that on Google and Facebook but every where else you can, but just don’t lock yourself out on every account, once again remember to remove your number before getting a new one.