How To Train Your Dragon 2: How To Get Skullcrusher & Cloudjumper

how to train your dragon 2 cloudjumper and skullcrusher

There is two extraordinary dragons in How To Train Your Dragon 2 – The video game and it’s not Toothless and Stormfly. As you play the game you will be able to obtain Hiccup’s Mother, Vakla and her dragon, Cloudjumper. That’s not all though, you can also obtain Stoick and his new dragon, the Skullcrusher. I can’t 100% confirm how you will obtain Stoick but I’ll let you know how I got him. As for Vakla, that one is set in stone because the game restarted and I got it again.

how to train your dragon 2 cloudjumper and skullcrusher

How to get Cloudjumper & Vakla

If you don’t know who Cloudjumper is, he is the four wing’d dragon that creates an X when hovering in the game. The dragon belongs to Vakla and she is Hiccup’s mother. If you want to see the gameplay of the dragons they are below.

So how do you get this pair of secret dragon and trainer? Well, first you need to complete the “Golden Terrible Terror” challenge. This challenge requires you to fly around catching 15 Golden Terrible Terror around Berk. Once you do, then head all the way up to the mountain and you will see Cloudjumper there.

Race, and beat Cloudjumper to unlock them for use in your game.

How to get Skullcrusher & Stoick

Stoick is Hiccup’s father, and he used to have a Thunderdrum but it appears he has released him. His new dragon is named Skullcrusher and is a secret hidden dragon in this game for players to obtain after completing specific quests in the game.

To get Skullcrusher, you must light up all of the statues in the quest called Mouth on Fire. Once you do visit the cave on the bottom right side of Berk and you’ll find him past the fireflies. The video below includes the location of these statues.

  • A Lamp

    Does this work on wii? Because it’s not working for me.

    • Anna

      It does work after you get the mouth of fire challenge finished go back to the firefly cave and take the tunnel up there will be a statue at the back of the room there should be a dragon there

      • A Lamp

        I’ll check when I get the chance. But I did get all the golden terrible terrors and I couldn’t find Cloudjumper.

    • Ice

      I used a code on the WiiU to unlock Cloudjumper and it unlocked Skullcrusher as well, intentional or not. I’m not sure if the Stoick and Valka quests are /in/ the WiiU version as there’s no achievements like the other systems – I haven’t completed the two that should unlock them.

      (The code, btw, is to enter the dragon hangar and enter UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT on the arrow pad. It’s supposedly just for Cloudjumper and Valka, but Stoick and Skullcrusher unlocked at the same time.)

  • Dragon wing

    I’ve done the terrible terror challenge on the wii and it is not working for me. Is there something else I need to do?

  • kyan

    how can i play how to train your dragon in WBANGCA?????????????????????????

  • Austin

    How do you make cloudjumper fly and not hover with 4 wings

  • Toothlessxlover

    On the 3ds it isn’t working. That is SO SAD :'( but i hope the are included!

  • ceri

    Does anyone know if this works on the 3Ds because i have tried the terrible terror and the mouth on fire quests

  • buryme

    Thx for the statue guide, just 1000’d the game on 360. Although showing the map would’ve been heaps easier than telling us there’s “islands and rocks and cliffs” that shits all over the map bro, lol. Anyways thanks.

  • Amy

    I have got it on 3ds and I have completed the golden terrible terror challenge and the mouth on fire challenge but I can’t find balls or stoick anywhere

  • Guest

    I’ve got the 3DS Version of this game, but it seems that you can’t unlock them…
    Could it be that they are not included in this version?