iPhone 4S Wifi Disabled, Grayed Out [FIX/SOLUTION]

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There are a dozen people that always says how bad it is to jailbreak and do anything to your iPhone that is remotely different from what Apple intentionally wanted it to do or be like.

Well.. my iPhone 4S wasn’t jailbroken, it’s not even remotely different from what Apple originally wanted. In fact, these hundreds of people never did anything to their iPhone but update it with the original iOS update directly from Apple.

The fact is that Apple’s new update iOS 6-6.1.3 has broken many good consumer’s iPhone shows that it’s not a isolated issue. They are aware of the problem and they know there is no fix because what has happened isn’t just software related but hardware. Their new update appears to have short-circuited the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S’s wifi chip.


This is not a joke. This shows that an update can simply kill a component within your iPhone and make certain parts not usable. The forum thread above is a clear example of people running into the problem after the update.

The problem is Apple will ask you to pay $200+ if you are out of warranty and can do nothing because of their broken hardware. Below are some steps that may help you but I take no responsibility on any broken devices. It is solely up to you to perform it on your device at your own risk!


The official Apple solution to this problem is an absolute joke. Most people will not be able to fix it using this method but there are of course the small sum that was hanging on by a thread and got it working again, but it won’t last.

The steps are:

  • Put your iPhone into Airplane Mode
  • Go into Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings

Supposedly this will fix your Wifi grayed out or dimmed our or deactivated problems.


I have no clue who put this up but it probably will only work for a short period of time and then kill your wifi again. I absolutely do not believe this is a long term solution, and here’s why.

The problem is connectivity to your wifi chip on the motherboard because it “blew a fuse” from the over power of the update that probably forced more power into the wifi portion of the device. That being said, putting it in the freezer may connect it for a short period of time but you are destroying your device as air condenses in the iPhone and basically creating water damage. It’s insanity.

If you still want to try it… Instructions

  • Wrap your iPhone in tissue and place it into the freezer for 20 minutes.


The oven solution found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l1azZWWkmSg

This one fixed my wifi, I was scared at first but having an iPhone without wifi is like having a brick cell phone. Who wants to pay more for data simply because their wifi is broken any ways?


  • Take apart your iPhone until you are left with the motherboard (you can youtube that). It should look something like the below for the iPhone 4S.



  • Make three triangle stands and make sure it’s placed on top of something that is covering the bottom like a pan or something.
  • Make sure everything is at the lower portion of the oven so it doesn’t stand to close to the top portion which can fry the board!
  • Preheat oven to 385F (196C)
  • Place the motherboard on the stand
  • Close the oven
  • Leave for about 6-7 minutes
  • Turn off the oven
  • Open it wide and let it sit and cool after 1 hour.
  • Reassemble your board and test


The problem is a hardware one. I used to solder stuff and it seems that the soldering broke between the wifi chip and the board. For those that does “temp fixes” their joints will never melt back together.

If you heat it the soldering metal might melt just enough and rejoin them but that would also mean there’s a possibility of melting other joints so it needs to be at the exact temperature and time range so other stuff don’t move and fall apart.

That also means that Apple’s hardware was sadly bad because their update probably did something to break the joint on the wifi but they don’t want to acknowledge it.

What I did

I did the steps two times. First time I was scared, I placed it in the oven for 3 minutes, tested it and it didn’t work. The second time I left it in there for 6 minutes then kept the oven closed until the 7th minute then turned it off. I reassemble everything and my wifi has been working ever since.

I take no responsibility if you fry your board. I have technical experience and was well aware I might lose my motherboard entirely. Do not do this if you still care about your iPhone.

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  • CArlos

    Thank you, you´re the one, that workt perfectly on my iphone 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • CArlos

    till yesterday it lasts, but today morning the wifi and bluetooth is gone again……too bad…..

    • Chris

      CArlos, did you try it again. Did it last longer?

  • nnm

    Hope Apple rot in hell for making update without testing devices well.bunch of whackjobs making update to kill something thats stupid
    n crocodile tears of excuse

  • a123fs

    ok hopefully this works on my iphone 5!!!!!!!!

  • Paul

    It’s possible that Apple made this on purpose, and added something in the update to overvoltage or stress the chip so it would overheat and desolder? So you would go and buy the newer iPhone. Their devices seem to me alot more well made compared to competition, so it’s kind of hard for me to believe they messed up with the wifi-and-only chip. I mean, I’m pretty sure the cpu or gpu heat much more than the wifi chip. Why don’t they desolder? Also, I am baking my 4S board right now, wrapped it in aluminium foil and cut an exact hole around the chip. Hope I don’t shake it when I get it out. The phone will boot loop, unless I press hard on the WiFi zone. Will post results

  • Paul

    Still not working, probably not enough temperature, I don’t have a thermometer for that. But, interestingly, I kept my finger pressed on the chip when booting and left it there, and wifi is working. So I’m gonna find something to stick in between it and the back cover, and won’t mess around with it anymore. If that’s what it wants, so be it. Maybe it helps someone with the same problem