Iron Man iPhone Theme DIY Tutorial

iron man phone

What we are looking at today is the Iron Man iPhone constructed with decal that can be easily be purchased online. This DIY tutorial ranges from easy to average. It does not require you to open your phone or anything. Here are the materials we will need to theme our iPhone into the Iron Man design that we love.


  • DECAL: Coming Soon
  • ARC REACTOR:  Coming Soon


  • Clean off your device and make sure there’s no dust on the device
  • Apply the Decal onto your device but be careful because it might produce air bubbles or get stuck to dirt.
  • Make sure the back is fully covered with decal.
  • Apply a circle (using decal) that is similar to the arc reactor size
  • Apply the Arc Reactor onto that decal for the finishing touch
  • Put the Gold Bumper on
  •  Apply Screen protector