Marvel: Contest of Champions – How to Get Kang

Kang in Marvel: Contest of Champions is an exclusive character that is only available to Kabam employees that have access to an special account in the game. This character cannot be obtained through arenas or crystals.


BrutalDLX Has Kang

Brutal was one of the players I interviewed prior to him defeating the Realm of Legends in the game. I got this opportunity due to his son (Blackhawk) being in my alliance (WBros).

That being said, Brutal is not an average player. It is estimated that he spends over $5000 USD per month on Marvel: Contest of Champions alone. On top of that he has held focus groups in the Chicago area for Kabam to help improve the game (MCOC). He was paid by Kabam for doing this.

 Quitting then getting Kang

In July 2015, Brutal left his major alliance with one of largest alliance in the game. I saw this on my friends list, that he was alliance-less. Not too long after, members from the community sent me pictures of his leader posting a message on the Kabam forums about Scarzzz and Brutal quitting Marvel: Contest of Champions due to the crystals for Independence Day, Iron Patriot and World War II Captain America.

Two Days later Brutal gains Kang from Kabam. This is believed by others to be a “gift” from Kabam to help keep their top players playing. They have disguised it as the first “Winner” of the Realm of Legends.

Blackhawk mentioned that Kabam says “The Key” is something they get in real life but after weeks and months of no response to what the key is from Kabam… Brutal unexpectedly decides to quit and then the key is revealed as Kang. Looks like they made this up at the last minute.


Brutal Sons Getting Free Stuff

Brutal’s son was in my alliance. I watched as both of his sons get free characters (High Level 3 stars for one son, not BH) from Kabam for a telephone feedback with Brutal. It is unsure if his account also obtained any goodies.

That being said, I would not be surprised that Kabam gave out a single Kang to keep Brutal playing or perhaps have other goodies. There is no other way to obtain Kang at the moment. Kabam needs to give you it.

*Top Players Rumors*

Rumors have it that Brutal helped Kabam hold a Focus group for Marvel: Contest of Champions in Chicago his hometown. He was paid for holding the focus group.

*Conspiracy Theorists*

There are unethical and individuals without morals in this world, they will often have other motives other than gaming (funny this is just a video game!). If you make a good game then let the opinions and feedback sort it out, that’s a professional. They may call flame this post but the truth will always be the truth. I’ve always said the game has insane requirements and months later even the top players come out saying the same thing.

Sure my job is to promote the game – but in an honest way. I’m not going to lie. The reason why you are reading this post is probably due to frustration and yes, every “real” player is frustrated with this game at one point or another. There is no lie to that.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the game but come on, they are trying to bankrupt everybody that loves Marvel stuff. By bankrupt I mean lose all their time and money. I asked the person above what he did for mother’s day and his reply was “when was mothers day”.

I just want to be honest with my comments, opinions, and facts. It’s your choice to choose what you believe.

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  • Eddie Winslow

    Young Roddy here. This is a very interesting article. I look forward to talking to you on kabam

  • Melody

    Well I really could use help in obtaining the t4 and alphas needed to rank up my team I have been playing o,my a few months but I noticed that in a few units bought here and there I have spent about 300 bucks and got nothing but frustrated. You can’t gift without spending units and in other games gifting was free. It is impossible to win t4 or alphas in the arena because the time limit is short and I can’t get past 11 -12 streak before I am sent back to starting over. By the time I am halfway to the end time is up. I want to progress in the game but it’s a catch 22, you can’t progress till you level up but you can’t get the items you need till you level up. I try hard to adjust masteries to have better odds but they screw you there with sucking your wallet dry too. If anyone can gift anything that will help I would appreciate it , I don’t want to quit but I am tapped out in the finance dept.
    melodyrose63 in MCOC

    • Ed

      To get high scores in the t4bc arena, you need to get to an infinite streak. If you have 4* 3/30 champs, the easiest way to do this is to play fights 11-14 with low-level characters — your lowest. Sometimes I spent units on fights 13 and 14 to get easier matches (ymmv, there’s no guarantee). Once you get to match 15 and onwards, make sure to use at least 1 (preferably 2 through fight 21) 4* 3/30 champs; the others can be max 3* 4/40 champs. To be safe, keep your team PI over 6k, though you may be fine at 4200-5k after match 21. The AI gets smarter, so the matches will be harder — but this also delays the crushing boredom IMO.

      This won’t be easy till you have 5-6 4* at 3/30, and at least enough 3* to make 6 teams. At that you should be able to get >= 100k each pass through your teams, and 100-200k getting up to infinite streaks — so you’re looking at 1-2h for the initial part, then ~25-30 minutes per pass and 9-10 passes. So it is 6-9h within a two day period, which I’d agree is kind of lame … but that’s how the company has structured things.

      If you have arena boosts and use units to refresh your top PI team with arena boosts, you can cut this by at least 1/3 (probably closer to 1/2), and you can do it in fewer blocks.

    • wbangca

      I recommend that you just quit the game. It will get worse from here. You may end up losing things in your life like Sleep, Money, Relationships, Time etc…. and then leave you in the end with nothing. The game is designed without integrity to the players.

  • Joseph A. Tucci

    GOA.. RIP.. Dark Pumpkin.. RIP.. 😉