Marvel: Contest of Champions – New Account Better Premium Crystal Rates

Today I want to talk about unethical and not honorable people. Basically terrible human beings. They may flame this post but the truth will always be the truth. How do these people sleep at night or have a clear conscience when they go home to their family and children? I do not know.

I have voiced my opinions about newer players getting better rates compared to veteran players for the longest time in Marvel: Contest of Champions. Some may call me a nut for such theory but why? Isn’t it logical for such theory to exist due to the following reasons?

  • REASON 1: It allows newer players to get better characters like 3 and 4-star characters to compete with older players.
  • REASON 2: It attracts newer players to spend more money because they’ve gotten it once before.
  • REASON 3: It semi makes older player feel that if other players are getting it they might have a chance to get it too.

There are many more reasons to be posted but I’m not wasting my time on this. Above all the reason, why I say this is because I have made OVER ONE HUNDRED ACCOUNTS yes 100 New Dummy accounts. I spin the premium crystal given to us when we join the alliances and well look and behold. I get 3 stars with a slight chance to get 4-star but you will also get 2 stars if you are really unlucky.

Now I spin 100 PCs at the same period when I made these 100 accounts and got nothing but 2-stars and a few 3-stars.

It doesn’t take a genius to know something is up but hey the unethical individuals trying to steal your money isn’t going to say that.

I am a gamer and I seek information. I am not selling you a character. You may choose to believe what is in front of you or you can simply ignore it and continue playing the game. My objective is to find information to help you (the players) not be the “champion” of this game or make you spend more money (somehow, why would ANY genuine human being want to bankrupt you?).

  • etonin81

    I agree with you on this matter..I’ve noticed this especially on the global chat room lots of new players have acquired 3* and 4* heroes a lot faster than older players.

    • wbangca

      Yeah the strategy or tactic is used in a lot of “mobile games”. Which is very different from console gaming but for Kabam they go to the extent to ensure players spend lots of money on a free downloaded game. I don’t mind spending a few hundreds but they want hundreds of thousands…. from the average player. In most games they tell you when they are increasing the odds of getting something aka the breeding games or the Spider-Man Unlimited game.

    • just search for rip22 on the game, for example, he has 4 heroes: 1 four star and 3 one star… Damn Kabam,,