Marvel: Contest of Champions – Upcoming Character Changes – Oct 2015

Here is the upcoming Character changes in Marvel: Contest of Champions.


The time has come again, and we’re focusing on fixing odd quirks and issues this time around. We’ve also included a couple of community requested changes and improvements. As with other updates, these changes are chosen based on win rate data, community feedback and known issues. These changes are not live at this time.


  • Rocket Kick (Special 1) now deals bonus damage to enemies that are charging forward
  • Element Gun (Special 2) and Heroic Blast (Special 3) now have a new effect to replace bleed; see below.

Star Lord’s Element Gun has received a major improvement. Each time it fires, it chooses a random element and applies an effect to the opponent. These effects are:

  • Armor Break
  • Power Drain
  • Shock (Energy Damage over time)
  • Heal Block

Black Widow

  • Fixed display issue causing Critical Damage boost to sometimes not show up

Fixed display issue causing Critical Damage boost to not show up on info page
While Black Widow’s Critical Damage boost has always been working behind the scenes, we’ve now fixed the bug that prevented the icon from showing up on occasion. Note that no Rating, attributes, or abilities have been altered; this was merely a display issue.

Captain America

  • Perfect Block now has a chance to Fatigue the opponent, reducing their Critical Hit Rate
  • Special Attacks now have a chance to Stun the opponent. The chance to Stun is increased if the opponent is Fatigued.

People wanted more offensive capabilities for Cap and we added Stun in response. Tying the effect to his Shield makes logical and lore sense, as well as opens up additional gameplay options surrounding his ability to Block.


  • New “Mutant Agenda” synergy with Colossus or Storm
  • –This synergy increases the Special Damage of all Mutants on the team.
  • –This bonus can be activated by having either Storm or Colossus on your team.
  • –The bonus does not apply twice if you have both.
  • Beam Attacks on Special 1 and Special 2 have been split into three separate hits, allowing up to three separate triggers of Armor Break.
  • New Critical Hit Rate boost when activating Special Attacks
  • Expertise Signature Ability has been reworked.
  • –Beam attacks are calibrated for up to (45-190%) increased Critical Damage. Damage from Beam attacks is not reduced by Blocking once a Combo of 15 or more hits is reached.

Cyclops was a character that many were asking for an improvement to. His signature ability was confusing and required the stars to align to be fully effective, so we’ve simplified it and made it more powerful in the process. Additionally, by splitting his beam attacks into three hits, each hit has a chance to score a Critical Hit and gain the bonus damage from his signature ability. Combine that with his new synergy to increase special damage and his beam attacks will now rip through his opponents.

Dr. Strange

  • Fixed bug that allowed Dr. Strange to continue stealing health after his Hoggoth’s Wisdom effect had been nullified.

Prior to this change, Dr. Strange would continue stealing Health even after his Hoggoth’s Wisdom had been Nullified – that’s no longer the case, ensuring the removal of his effects acts as an appropriate counter. Stephen is also under our microscope, as he over-performs in many aspects of the game. Keep an eye out for further improvements in the future.


  • Fixed bug that allowed Magik to become immune to Power Burn

Apparently Magik’s time-travel prowess granted her immunity to Power Burn effects. This surprised us as well as players. We’ve made the necessary changes to restore the intended functionality: Rewind negative status effects, not instant abilities like Power Burn.


  • Increased the chance of activating Defy Pain from 20-75% to 30-85%
  • Defy Pain now makes Punisher invulnerable to damage for 8 seconds.

Many have asked us to make Punisher’s Signature Ability more powerful and we agreed. In addition to increasing the chance of activation, Punisher now becomes totally invulnerable to damage, including Bleed and other over-time effects, when his Defy Pain is activated, granting him a better chance to fight back when close to death. This effect may occur only once per fight.


  • Fixed bug causing description for Critical Damage boost to display incorrectly
  • Fixed bug that would occasionally cause his light kick attack to miss

This is a display-only change. Previously, a bug existed which caused the description for the Critical Damage Boost to display at a much lower rate than it should have. Rocket is another hero we’ve been keeping an eye on for some time now. Don’t be surprised if he receives some extra love in the near future!


  • New “Lightning Arc” ability that deals energy damage over time

We noticed that Storm at higher rarities was falling behind the power curve and as a result we granted her a new ability that allows her special attacks to deal Energy Damage over time. This new ability won’t be found in low ranks for 2 star and 3 star variants but will show up once she has been ranked up. Since it deals energy damage, Champions that resist this type of damage such as Dr. Strange will receive less damage from the effect.


  • Bleed effect now stacks

Ultron’s Bleed effect from his regular attacks now stack, allowing him more opportunities to hurt his opponent’s with his Cauterize effect.

Ultron Drone (Skill)

  • Fixed bug with the Skill Drone’s Signature Ability
  • Added Weakness Icon to combat to show the effect in place

A bug with the Skill Drone’s Signature Ability has been fixed, weakening the opponent as designed. Additionally, to showcase the ability in action, we have added a Weakness icon.

Yellow Jacket

  • New Rivalry Synergy with Ultron

Yellow Jacket was a touch lonely in the contest, so we’ve added a Rivalry synergy for him when paired with the other evil mastermind of the contest.

That’s all for now, but there are several Champions high on our watch list: Deadpool, Doctor Strange, Rocket, Ronan, Abomination, Winter Soldier and others are strong candidates for changes and improvements. Keep an eye out for our next preview, where Champions like these may make an appearance.

Thanks for your time!