Marvel: Future Fight – Hulk Character Overview



Hulk is a hero found in the game Marvel: Future Fight for mobile devices for the Android and Apple iOS platforms. This character can be unlocked using biometrics found in the game.

What are Biometrics?

Biometrics are special pieces to completing a character which will allow you to recruit them or rank them up in a game. You obtain Biometrics through the ELITE MISSION section of Marvel: Future Fight.

How to Rank Up Characters?

To rank up characters from 1 star to 2 star, 2 star to 3 star and so forth, you will need to obtain Biometrics. Once you have enough Biometrics you can simply go into the character screen and look for the Rank menu then rank them up. Ranking characters up will make them stronger allowing you to unlock new abilities and level cap.


You are able to make your characters stronger by mastering their source of mastery. You need to collect “Norn Stones” which will allow you to Master your character and change from Yellow Star to Red Star. This will also unlock the Leadership ability or upgrade it.

Hulk Source of Mastery Requirement: Norn Stone of Strength

How to Get Character Name

You must find Biometrics from the ELITE MISSIONS section of the game. Hulk can be found by trading in a Chaos Token in the Shop. Chaos Token is from the Villain Siege.

Character Class/Type: Combat

Character Skills:

Hulk Charge: Physical Attack & Damage
Thunder Clap: Physical Attack & Damage
Hulk Smash: Physical Attack & Damage
Hulk Stomp: Physical Attack & Damage

Leadership: Hulk Roar – Physical Attack +5%

Passive: Enraged – Activate Ratio: when HP is below 30%, +5 for: All Attack, All Speed and Critical Rate

Uniform: Ripped gray shorts.