BANDAI NAMCO Needs to Dub their Games!


One Piece, Digimon, Sword Art Online are just a few titles under the BANDAI NAMCO belt, and they are filled with American fans waiting for games to be released in English. However, when you go to make that purchase, you find that your favorite title is not really in English because the Voices are entirely in Japanese. It’s not a problem if you understand Japanese, but for those of us that don’t understand it, we are out of luck.

The first time I ran into BANDAI NAMCO’s is with the “Tales of” RPG games. They are fantastic and absolutely stunning. I’ve in fact purchased more than 1 copy of the game and their collector’s edition. However, games like One Piece, I’ve purchased and almost never touched it again after knowing all it’s voice acting is in Japanese. I’m dyslexic and I can’t stand paying for an American localized title that leaves the voices in Japanese. I mean, it feels like playing games in 1999 where companies rarely used voice actors and everything was filled with text. Not that, that’s a bad thing but for a console game you’d expect the quality of the game to be much better.

If BANDAI NAMCO does not start dubbing their games, they will not attract new players and quite possibly even lose players. I for one, don’t want to buy games that are Voiced in Japanese and merely subbed. I used to buy all┬áBANDAI NAMCO games but soon realized it’s not entertaining since some of the characters I’m not very familiar with. The games that are being released are for┬ádie-hard fans while people like me that just like games will not know how to enjoy something in Japanese!