Patreon Exclusive!

Patreon exclusives is for fans that want more than just a video. Normally I create videos for you guys but some times I would get requests for certain things outside the realm of the videos. I often would not be able to fulfil these requests but as a Patreon, it allows me to focus on those fans that support me to add extra value to you.

Game Center for DragonVale breeds

I’ve had many requests for Game Center for DragonVale and other games that requires a social exchange. Unfortunately, Game Center can only accept 500 requests max. Why not reward those that goes the extra mile by being a Patreon? Someone says.

Patreon now gets the benefit of being on my Game Center friend for across multiple games. Booya! This will last as long as you are a Patreon and one of the 500 slots is available.

more coming soon