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  • Bodie

    How do you breed a platinum dragon in dragon vill

    • wbangca

      Here you go :)

  • Dale Tegman

    Hi there. I watch your vids with interest and thought you’d like to read the email I sent to Kabam support today. You can edit it if you like or include it in one of your posts. I am sending it to Mobile gamer also. “I don’t have one single issue. I have a general issue: i have no idea how anyone succeeds in this game without losing their mind and their wallet. I have a good alliance and play daily and this was going to be my week! I never get a hero in the weekly events, but this week I have some extra time. So, I grind and grind, in both the solo arenas and I the three star I earn twice the points for which any guaranteed rewards will be given. No dice. There must be a lot of interest in Magneto, my alliance notes. Two members of my team, that regularly scores in the top 500 alliances in events, gets Magneto in three star. What did they do I ask? One played 30 heroes in 45 minute blasts for almost three days with an hour break in between and only lost once. It’s not like I wasn’t dedicated, I just was unwilling to sacrifice food and sunlight and I need to work for a living also. These guys all play every day with levels of 40 and above, great line-ups. And only two of us could perform at that level? That doesn’t seem right. But hey, at least I got all these crystals. As of this am I had 18 saved since last Tuesday. I opened them today and…got 18 2 star duplicates. Not so good. So, I took the three star offer I got. after all that effort it cost me about $10 of units to get one three star. Incredibly low return. Surely the three additional ones I earned today will have some greater value. Nope. Three more duplicates! Another three star offer, but I’m 100 points short, so I debate. Should I buy $30 worth of units? I have already put almost $500 into this game over six months. Well, I do it. Then I get a four star offer. Only $100 worth of units. Now I am being played. No reasonable person would lay out their own time and money like that. I am a reasonable person. Maybe I should pull back and just play for free for a while, just on the bus to work. in the mean time, I have a hundred little pebbles of ISO and so little space in my stash I have to go back and forth for an hour just to use it all. I have a rank up and it is Monday so the only day I can get mutant catalysts. I only need two more medium for my Wolverine. Easy, right? One pass maybe two. I enter the quest which I have completed already 20 or 30 times. This quest is not challenging or interesting or fun. I can’t play it with anyone else. It is dumb numbing drudgery. I earn the first catylast after two passes and get an offer to skip the line for only $5 worth of units. That makes me sad. Really don’t the developers know how miserable this is? Maybe they are counting on that to sell their upgrade package since I have to make EIGHT total passes. I use two max energy recharges two, so it’s only $5 worth of units. What a savings for my HOUR of sweat equity. To add insult, I now have almost 100 little bitty ISOs. Not enough to make Wolverines toenails grow much less his claws. Another 15 minutes of back and forth. So, Gang, I am bowing out. I really like the game play, the graphics, the soundtrack. There are times that have been fun. This is a quality product and it has improved a whole bunch. The Ultron event leading up to the Ultron character chase were a great use of real estate. you all deserve kudos for creating it. The bean counters who are choking your drop rate and your algorithms for rewards do not deserve so much as my feces hurled into their dimly lit cubicles. Spending should be fun, exciting, and not always a gamble and not always an alternative to hours of torturous nonsense. There are people on this side of the game who deserve much more than you are offering. I am copying this for the leader of my alliance and for the YouTubers who have guided me through the use of this product. Maybe if there is some transparency about drop rates, better rewards for longstanding players, realistic goals, and gameplay that doesnt just reward huge outlays of cash, I will return.”

  • Nikita

    I hope, this is will help you

  • Eric Miller

    I’d just like 5 minutes alone in a room with Bill Gates, or whoever the new MS CEO is now. I DON’T WANT A FUCKING MICROSOFT ACCOUNT. Finally I realized that to get the full functionality of Windows 10 a MS account was needed. Resistance was futile. So I created one with a hotmail address I’ll never use for email, fired up the OneDrive app so I could send vacation pics to friends on my cloud, AND THEY ALL HAD TO HAVE MICROSOFT ACCOUNTS TO SEE MY PICS FROM THE CLOUD LINK. FUCK YOU MICROSOFT. Trying to take advantage of your market share in such a strong handed way is so short sited. I’m EMBARRASSED FOR YOU. I bought an AirBook today and love it. Nothing about the OS is trying to take over my life. Google is just as bad as Microsoft by the way. Thank God they don’t make desktop computer operating systems…