Sold Out! The Truth About Hot Topic Mystery Deadpool Box


I’m a huge collector of Funko POP! and usually I visit my local Hot Topic to see if they have anything in stock. Today, they were selling these Mystery Deadpool Boxes and it was one of those things I wanted to get my hands on but unfortunately they’re sold out… That being said, let’s backtrack to last night at 12:00AM when they released the item on their website.

The Mystery Funko Deadpool Boxes was available for a mere 5 Minutes before they were completely sold out. The limit on these boxes? 10. Usually a company that knows they have “limited stock” they would limit the amount a person can purchase so everyone has a chance of getting at least a few. You would think Hot Topic putting a limit of 10 would probably mean that they have like 10,000 boxes online for sale or something… but as a rule of the internet, anything that sells out within the first 5 minutes is either a super discount or………. the quality available for purchase is very little. I probably choose to believe the latter.

I shop online on occasion, any usually anything that is super discounted (i.e 50%) will sell out quickly but not that quickly. These Mystery Boxes are not even discounted.. it’s like regular price. Sure, they are collectibles but it probably makes more sense that the amount available for purchase was probably at 50 or 100. Even my latest purchase on Amazon, a SSD Hard Drive at about 60% off (Final Price: $50) sold out hours after being posted. For me to believe that a Funko POP! would sell out within ——– FIVE MINUTES ——— (especially at 12:00AM) of being posted is a test of a person’s intellect.

It feels more like Hot Topic is trying to increase the value of their exclusive POPS and try to get people to go to their stores which really stinks because I’m sure a lot of people actually want to collect these POPS and we definitely don’t want to pay the jacked up price of the people that flip these for a living. Sooner or later, if this keeps happening people will just have to face the reality of not being able to get everything – instead of paying more for something they’ve missed.