The Truth About Super Gaming Family / London Town EXPOSED


This article serves as a documentation and shows you how far an adult will go to become “famous”. From stomping on children to lying to viewers. It’s all there.

I don’t like writing a lot on this site but when I do… It’s probably because I don’t want to make a big deal out of it but also make sure people know where I stand on certain topics. Today, I will be reviewing and sharing with you my experience on YouTuber, Super Gaming Family, not to be confused with The Family Gaming Team, FGTeeV. Whether you are a fan of Super Gaming Family, mobile gamer, HenxcinJ, YeetOS , mine or any other YouTubers out there. You need to take your fan-cap off and look at it from a general point of view.


People that love Video Games

SGF for short or alias LondonTown started off making videos very similar to FGTeeV with Toys, Disney Infinity, gameplays and unboxing videos. His gameplays did not attract many viewers, and usually got 10-200 views, because he is simply not a gamer and does not love video games.


He hit any viewership with the game Marvel: Contest of Champions after visiting my videos then making similar videos but over-exaggerate his screams like PewDiePie in attempt to reach YouTube Fame. While we were all boycotting the ridiculous drop rates of 4-star characters, SGF was focus on obtaining viewers from HenxcinJ, Mobile gamer and myself.

The gentleman would buy an incredible amount of crystals and release three videos of opening crystals when he could do it in one video. He copied styles of our video’s thumbnails so he could trick viewers into thinking it was one of our videos.


If that was not bad enough, he would follow our channels (without subscribing) to see what the latest games we played were and the type of videos we would make. Here is an example:

captain america

The images above had to be “fused” together in Photoshop he did just that after seeing my video be released. He would re-create similar videos with similar content and even similar “Titles” so he could trick viewers into thinking it’s from me or other YouTubers. That is just wrong and you can see Lewis Review here why it is

It’s wrong because it’s a moral issue, good people don’t do that. That being said, when HenxcinJ and myself called him a Jerk for doing so, he got furious and yelled at 14-year old HenxcinJ for calling him out.


Telling him to fight his own battles. This is a full grown adult trying to pick on a kid. Not only is this not right, you should not bully kids like that by supporting the bully, SGF.

Super Gaming Family

At the same time he also sent me this message. For what? For making a video telling him to not be a jerk by copying other people’s idea, style of videos, and thumbnails. Is that wrong? Of course not. Super Gaming Family makes it feel like H3H3Productions trying to educate SoFlo Antonio about Fair Use. You don’t follow someone else’s channel then copy everything they do then try to pick fights with them, especially knowing HenxcinJ is like 14-years old and he is like a 35-year old man.


He got even more furious and made a video about ‘bullying’. That is like a bully asking for your homework and you refuse but SGF decides to take it anyways. When you go tell the teacher SGF calls you a bully. That’s the worst type of bullying around.


Even after calling him out (privately), he continues to do this. Pulling games & Thumbnail styles from HenxcinJ’s  channel to take viewers away from like Injustice: Gods Among Us, which was released nearly 3-years ago. If he really liked those games he would have done them. He would go on to copy ideas for new video series from Mobile Gamer, wbangcaHD, YeetOS, and more.

We are just a few of the YouTubers that knows about what he’s doing. Viewers don’t really care as long as there’s videos right? Well if you want to support all YouTubers please do not support this type of behavior from a bully like Super Gaming Family. He would go out of his way to destroy other channels because he wants to become YouTube Famous and the next PewDiePie.

It is your choice to help Super Gaming Family to become the next YouTube Super Star but please do not support behaviors of bullying. Bullying is an action, it is not a reaction. You cannot simply call people a bully because they are pointing out the malicious intent of the person. And that’s what we are doing. There are billions of apps out there, but he decides his best plan is to destroy someone else by following their channel and doing the exact same thing and using similar thumbnails to confuse viewers.

Other YouTubers Speaks Out

You can download Mobile Gamer’s app and watch his rant there. The video is also relayed here.

YouTube Outreach on Vimeo.


Now you are 1 in 1,000,000 that knows about true bullying on YouTube. What can you do to stop activities like this? Further educate yourself by checking out channels that point these out, like H3H3Productions, Lewis Reviews, etc. Share this page. Like the videos. Share on Facebook, Twitter, social media.

And most importantly, point these out.

  • Breydon Maiorca

    Okay. What both Yeet and Mobile gaming said is true to their heart.

  • DuckyFace PvP

    Wow, I seriously almost threw up in my mouth. He was such a big jerk in that screenshot you shared.