The Truth About Tai Lopez


Tai Lopez has been all around the internet lately, especially for those that have searched for anything related to money making. I actually felt what Tai Lopez says had some moral sense until I watched H3H3Production’s analysis of Tai Lopez’s videos. I am both a YouTuber and a video editor, so its not difficult to spot purposely forged videos but a lot of people already pointed out the advertisements. Today, we are just going to review his Youtube strategy on getting viewership.

Here is H3H3Production’s video on Tai Lopez


I used to think TED TALKS were actually for the highly professionals but I’ve seen a few Ted Talks where I realized you can’t really listen to everybody that goes up there. Tai Lopez has been to Ted Talks so I’d thought I’d give him a bit of credibility (and what he says seems good) but I realize he doesn’t really believe in what he says, here’s why.

ADVERTISEMENT – Lamborghini & Garage & Books

If you’ve seen the video above by H3H3Productions, he has covered almost everything I’ve got to say about what’s wrong with Tai Lopez’s video. If not I’ll explain a little.

Tai Lopez appears to have shot his video by renting a garage and the Lamborghini says H3H3Production. After reviewing the video for myself, I starting thinking as well. That’s right! Who has a garage like that? with a Lamborghini too! Also on top of that, notice the spin to the bookshelf? who has a bookshelf in the garage? I don’t know but these are most were questions H3H3Production  presented.

Photography Lighting

One of the things I did notice was that on the Lamborghini you’ll see a huge photography lighting so he did not exactly just film this video as a podcast or something. It was planned.


Rented Lamborghini

This shot was brought to attention by Internet Gurus, and I cannot confirm if it is true. People are saying what you see in the video is the Rental Tag of the Lamborghini. That could be true or it could not, we just see a white tag and a key. Who keeps only one key anyways?


Tai Lopez Mansion

H3H3Production points out the house that Tai Lopez has actually a rented estate for creating his videos. You can see more about H3h3Production’s video here. The estate was found on Zillow but now has been removed. You can still see some leftover copies of the estate here

Millions of Views!

No YouTuber has views like this. Almost 100 Million views in 1 month. You may have noticed there are advertisements on other channels you watch, and this is why. h3H3Production estimated @ $2 per CPM he spent about $16,000,000 to generate the views. That being said, he invested quite a bit of money into advertisements and making his videos.


Is he successful? & Conclusion

There’s no doubt Tai Lopez is a successful and a wealthy man.  Not anybody can put $16,000,000 into driving his channel up, so he is not the average YouTube Star. Is he a scam artist? From what he does on YouTube, no. Now that doesn’t count what he does other than YouTube, because that has nothing to do with the YouTube community – so I don’t care. You can do more research on that one.

I do agree with some of the topics he talks about but it’s very generic in a sense. He talks about growing your mind, how he reads a book a day, but then he defines to read a book a day as to have someone else read it for you and read book summaries. While, I personally agree with his train of thought and process. It’s up to you to figure out if you do as well.

I am dyslexic, so I cannot read a book, that’s why I scan for key information or watch videos. It’s kind of like learning how to program a website, I don’t need to know everything there is to do with coding, I just need to know the portion too get things done. You can see more about how he talks about reading a book a day. Even that, it’s hard to deny knowing, how YouTube works that he indeed set-up some of his videos. Good or bad is up for you to decide.